DORAL Financial Advisors Sàrl

"Wealth does not bring about excellence, but excellence makes wealth and everything else good for men, both individually and collectively." (Socrates)

Set up in Geneva in 2013, DORAL Financial Advisors Sàrl is a financial advisory company completely independent and registered with local regulation authorities (OAR-G Our main principles are trust, independence, confidentiality and flexibility.

Our experience as well as our professional network permit us to offer tailor-made and personalized services to our clients. Each client account is managed individually and not centralized.

Our strength comes from our common values and our dedication to provide our clients with the most efficient solutions.


"Action is the foundational key to all success" (Pablo Picasso)

Global Advisory

DORAL offers a global coordination service that encloses several financial aspects such as, companies set up and administration (trust, offshore, foundation, etc.), inheritance structure, real estate investments, and banking assets consolidation (through a report).

Wealth Management

Thanks to DORAL's flexibility and independence, clients can choose an investment portfolio management through a multiple variety of mandates. The final decision always goes along with a deep risk analysis that will take into consideration client's performance's objectives.

Financial Advisory

This service is made for clients who want to conserve the entire control on their assets and their account's activity. Such clients will receive personal and professional advices on their investment decisions. A regular and trusty communication between our team and the client will allow us to find the most efficient investment strategy.

Real Estate Advisory

Exclusively for the Madrid market, we offer a comprehensive real estate advisory and intermediation service. Our experience and seriousness, as well as the one of our partners in Madrid, give us the necessary local market knowledge to assist you in converting your project in success. Best results can only be reached with dedicated and precise work.

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